Brent Daniels is an award-winning music producer and composer who serves record labels, game developers and movie studios from Apple Original Films to Warner Brothers with his signature sound. From cultural juggernauts like Marvel Studios’ Black Panther to high-profile critical fare such as Martin Scorsese’s Killers Of The Flower Moon, Brent’s original music and remixes have been licensed extensively to film, TV series and video games.

  • Epic Records
  • Warner Brothers
  • Marvel Studios
  • Disney
  • Sony Music
  • Universal
  • Paramount
  • Activison
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Bungie
  • Lionsgate
  • 20th Century Studios
  • Sony Music
  • Prime Video
  • FX
  • Bahari
  • Madison Beer
  • Madison Beer
  • Madison Beer
  • Madison Beer
  • Madison Beer

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Brent Daniels is a music producer, composer, sound designer, singer and songwriter. More…

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